Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions form the basis of your contract with Erebus Adventure and yourself (Participant/Group). Please ensure you read these carefully as they set out the rights and responsibilities for each party. These booking conditions apply to arrangements which you book with Erebus Adventure.


1.1 The following definitions apply to these terms




Course Date

Course Documents

Course Instructor

Due Date

Erebus Adventure (EA)




You, Your

the process required to formally attend the Course including booking form relating personal and contact details.


the contract between the you and EA in accordance with these Conditions and the information set out in the Course Pre-Joining Instructions.


the chosen event undertaken by you/the Group.


the date at which services commence.


documents containing details of the chosen Course, including Pre-Joining Instructions and booking confirmation.


the person who instructs each Course on behalf of Erebus Adventure. Responsible for delivering approved Course content.


the required date stated in either payment or form completion.


the Course provider, providing services detailed within the booking documents.


if booked as a Group, relating to the whole Group of individuals.


all persons on the booking either as a Group or individual.


The location where the Course is delivered

the first person named on the registration form and all persons on whose behalf a booking is made.

 1.2 In these Conditions, the following shall apply:

  • a reference to writing or written includes fax and e-mail.

  • Unless the context otherwise requires, a reference to one gender shall include a reference to the other genders. (d)any words following the terms including, include, in particular, for example or any similar expression shall be construed as illustrative and shall not limit the sense of the words of those terms.


2.1 When enquiring, you shall provide EA with all relevant information within the information gathering forms. This will form the basis of your formal quote.

2.2 Venues may be sourced for you, or Courses can be delivered at Your Venue if deemed suitable by EA.


2.2 EA will provide a formal quote on the information provided. This quote will be valid for 30 days unless otherwise instructed.


2.3 Course availability will be detailed within the quotation and will only be confirmed payment of Deposit or Full Payment.


2.4 Minimum Course Participant numbers will be detailed within this quote, should the Participant numbers drop below this then either cancellation fees or alternative Course recruitment is required by You. See 5.2 and 5.3.



3.1 Invoices shall be paid within 30 days from the date of invoice. Failure to pay by the Due Date will incur costs.


3.2 Full Payment is required to confirm Course Date.


3.3 Participant information for all participants on the Course is to be completed and delivered to EA no later than 14 days prior to the Course. For amendments to this see 4.4. 


4.1 Any changes to the booked Course Date or Venue must be agreed by both parties in writing.

4.2 Should You make a change that incurs extra cost to the booking confirmation, this will be charged to You at cost.


4.3 Should EA make a change that incurs extra cost to the booking confirmation then EA will not pass the extra cost on to You.


4.4 Participant names can be changed on the Course no later than 7 days in advance of the Course Date. Changes later than 7 days may incur an administration fee.



5.1 If You cancel the Course, written confirmation must be sent and acknowledged by EA in order to authorize the cancellation.


5.2 If You Cancel a Participant from the Course, cancellation fees will apply. If Course Participant numbers drop below the minimum required numbers, see 5.3. Cancellation fees are:

More than 30 days                     Full refund

15-29 days                                  30%

7-14 days                                    50%

2-6 days                                     80%

Less than 2 days (48 hours)     No refund


5.3. If you Cancel Participants and the Course numbers drop below minimum numbers, then You are required to:

a) recruit Participants to the minimum Course Participation numbers, an alternative Course Date may be offered by EA to support this.

b) Cancel the Course at the associated fees laid out in 5.2.

5.4 Any non-attendance on the Course Date will be classed as a cancellation with no refund.


6.1 If EA cancels a course, EA will refund in full.



7.1 If EA is providing a venue, costs associated to this will be the responsibility of EA and will be priced within the quote.


7.2 If you are providing the venue, this must be appropriate for the size of the group. You will be responsible for costs and risks associated for the venue.


7.3 Venues must be compliant with legislation for lighting, ventilation, fire and evacuation. If in doubt see https://www.hse.gov.uk/risk/classroom-checklist.pdf


7.4 EA will discuss venues at quotation and booking. EA may require a visit to assess suitability, costs associated to this will be invoiced to You.


Please direct any complaints to erebusadventure@gmail.com where we will endeavour to respond to you within 2 working days. Where there is no fault in either Your or EA’s conduct, we will aim to reach a fair solution.


We would appreciate you contact EA in any situation to find a solution rather than post unwarranted or biased material on any social or mainstream media that may cause defamation prior to a solution.

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