Royal Geographical Society 

Off Site Safety Management

The RGS OSSM (2 day) course sets the industry standard when planning any off site visits. Whether you work in an educational setting or within a business that specialises in adventurous activities, challenges, field research or international trips then this is the course for you.

We have delivered this course and a variation of this course in a range of locations from UK schools to international tour operators.

What skills will you learn

  • Planning the programme and administration for an off-site visit/event effectively

  • Identifying and working within the legal framework surrounding off-site activities

  • Assessing the needs of a group and identifying the necessary staffing

  • Undertaking reviews of safety requirements and risk assessments

  • Outlining the key requirements relating to group safety during an activity

  • Identifying appropriate actions and procedures to deal with both minor and major incidents

  • Identifying key elements of an effective post-event evaluation report

  • Preparing post-event evaluations for a specified audience

This course is suitable for anyone planning, leading or operating trips such as:

  • Schools planning off site visits such as:

    • Educational trips​

    • Expeditions

  • Adventure activity operators (UK)

  • Travel operators

  • Charity challenge companies

  • Expedition providers

  • Universities (organisational or student groups)

About Us

We are a specialist training provider, specialising in first aid and adventurous safety management.


With years of experience in training delivery, leadership and management within the adventure and travel industry.